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Slimming Body Wrap

This therapeutic wrap is slimming and contours, firms, hydrates, re-mineralises environmentally damaged skin and eliminates toxins from the body. Your treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation, followed by the generous application of warm clay. You are then wrapped in bandages to ensure your entire body releases stress and toxins.


  • Inch loss

  • Eliminates toxins 

  • Softens and improves the appearance of the skin 

  • Hydrates

  • Improves circulation and blood flow

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

Your treatment will begin with body brushing and a gentle exfoliation of  the skin. Then warm mud is applied and you are then wrapped up in blankets to add extra heat for the product to work into the skin.

A Mud can work to remove impurities and dead skin on your body. An added benefit of Dead Sea mud is that the salt and magnesium in it can improve your skin's functionality by making it a better barrier and more elastic. Dead Sea salt has also been shown as a treatment to make skin healthier.

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